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lettered & lined LET814 - LET814 - Grazing Sheep - 16x12 Abstract, Sheep, Grazing Sheep, Landscape, Pasture from Penny Lane

LET814 - Grazing Sheep - 16x12


lettered & lined


LET814 - Grazing Sheep - 16x12
lettered & lined,

Wood Pallet Art pieces are printed on state-of-the-art printers using high quality, 1/4 inch Baltic Birch Plywood. All of our wood art is made in the USA and comes ready to hang.

12x16 Pallets come with four planks while 16x20 pallets come with five planks.

All of the artwork you see on our website is also available on Paper and Canvas Products. Contact a sales representative at (800) 273-5263 or for more information and to place an order today.

Keywords: Abstract, Sheep, Grazing Sheep, Landscape, Pasture

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